Our mission is to change lives, empower families, and make positive birth outcomes reality by providing the tools, love and resources as your dream support team.

- Kelsey & Rori



Soul Shine Birth

I’m a believer in divine alignment.

In early 2021, when I was ready to rapidly expand my doula business, I intuitively knew this sacred work couldn’t be done alone. We often say it takes a village to raise a baby and to raise a mother. The same goes for birth workers: it takes a village to support one another, so we can continue to serve our families from an abundant space. My village quickly grew when I gained my soul sister, Aurora, who goes by Rori. After meeting at a casual doula wine night (yes, we literally are surrounded by baby talk 24/7 and geek out on all things birth), we instantly felt we’d become fast friends. We had an energetic connection, similar to the feeling our ideal clients feel when they meet with us. It didn’t take long to for Rori and I to realize we have so much in common in our personal and professional lives, as well as in our roots.

Together, we recognized a need for more personalized doula care, for full-spectrum childbirth education and for intimate community during pregnancy. This is the moment when we knew Soul Shine Birth was ready to be born. Soul Shine Birth brings together both of our special gifts and over seven years of experience into a unique duo doula approach. We're believers in this approach because it allows us to both intimately get to know our clients while ensuring they always have us to lean on without the need for backup support. It becomes a beautiful birth and postpartum team when we work together with our families, and we dedicate our lives to ensuring there's aways a feeling of safe, supportive, and connected care.


Our souls coming together was serendipity, but the work we do now is because of the deep passions we both share for this sacred work. We’re hustlers, and we believe in better birth outcomes. It's our joy and privilege to invite you into this beautiful space with us!

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Our birth support is given as a cohesive pair, so you always have individualized, personal care you can rely on
Together we offer our birth clients a "Soften Transition" support package to support you in the first few, vulnerable weeks postpartum
For our clients and community, we provide a personalized Soul Shine Education Series with courses for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn to ensure you feel empowered for your birth and postpartum